It need not be said that I love photography; I mean, come on, I have my own photography website with a custom URL and stuff.

So let me instead tell you a little bit about me. I was born in Sri Lanka (half the population in the world most likely does not know where that is, which is kinda cool, right?) and after twenty something years I moved to Japan and lived and worked there for 7-ish years. And that's where I picked up photography. Then I moved to the United States, to Las Vegas of all places, to get a degree (no, it was not a Masters in Blackjack) and then moved to Portland, OR, which is where I am currently.

By now you probably have noticed a pattern, that I don't stay in one place too long. Congratulations, you've discovered that I love travel! Again, you shouldn't be surprised if you've checked out this website. And if you directly headed to 'About Me' section before checking out the website, hey, you're kind of stalking me - go away! But I digress - I love travel and have been to a few memorable places.

Finally, I love books. Quite a bit. I mean, a LOT. Why don't you checkout my Goodreads profile?

If you like my photography - or even if you don't - and wanna get in touch, please do go to the Contacts page and drop me a message; I love meeting new people. Don't be shy!

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