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In between the transition from Japan to the USA, I spent a little over a month in Sri Lanka, the good ol’ motherland. It was after four and a half years that I was back home, and more or less the first time since I took up photography seriously.

So, naturally, there was a tonne of stuff that I wanted to photograph, and I wasn’t going to miss out. But going around with all that camera stuff all by yourself can be a bit boring, and so I pitched the idea to my good friend Balathasan Sayanthan, and thankfully he was in for it the moment I said it.

Within a few days we planned the trip (thank God for Google maps and Wikitravels!) and headed to the two ancient cities Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, which is also a World Heritage, and for good reasons. It’s a photographer’s paradise, full of history and majesty. This is one such place, the Polonnaruwa Watadage which is a structure built for the protection of a small stupa. It is considered to be the best example of its kind, and the stone carvings found there are quite excuisite. The exact date of its construction is disputed but is believed to be around 12th century A.D.

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