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In October 2013, there was a fashion themed Photowalk sponsored by Google+ held in the neighborhood of Harajuku Station, Tokyo. As the luck would have it, Trey Ratcliff, one of my favorite photographers was attending too and it was awesome to be able to meet up with him. I'm not a sucker for celebrities, but getting to have a chat with people you admire is always nice. And it gets better; not only did I get to talk with him, but he joined the photowalk and I could see the pro in action. This was a clothing store around, and it looked like a great shot so I set up the tripod and set to work, only to see that Trey was close at hand and taking the same shot! Couple of days later he had uploaded to Google+ the shot he had taken, which you can find here. So I tried to emulate what he had done, but failed predictably. For one his image looks much more sharper (no amount of sharpening in post processing can fix that) and his choice of colors is better. Nonetheless it's not to say I don't like how this turned out. I set out to get as close as possible to what he had done but then deliberately went for a bit of a warmer tone than his; felt I like it that way better.

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